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Monday, September 3, 2007

A Revelation!

I just now figured out why I haven't been posting much in this blog: It's because I created the thing to talk about my (um) "adventures in moviewatching," and over the past several months -- I haven't HAD any adventures. It's been nothing but sequels, spin-offs, and shit-storms! But I head up to the Toronto Film Festival in a few days, so expect a few 'adventures' from there. And then a few weeks later, it's the bestest week of the year: Fantastic Fest! And there'll definitely be some fun to be found there.

So yay. I'm not a pathetic slacker who let his blog die. I was just enjoying a summer vacation. And since you've been so patient, here's what I thought of (most of) the Summer '07 Movies.

Loved / Liked a Lot: 28 Weeks Later, Bourne Ultimatum, Bug, Death at a Funeral, Fido, The King of Kong, Knocked Up, Pirates 3, The Simpsons Movie, Sunshine, Superbad, Waitress

Hated: Evan Almighty, The Invasion, Halloween

Meh, who cares? Summer's over, and get a load of whose new movies I could see at Toronto: John Sayles, George Romero, Dario Argento, Sidney Lumet, Stuart Gordon, David Cronenberg, Julie Taymor, Kenneth Branagh, Woody Allen, Paul Schrader, Terry George, Shekhar Kapur, Tony Gilroy, Takashi Miike, Neil Jordan, Michael Moore, Todd Haynes, Paul Haggis, Sean Penn, Ang Lee, Noah Baumbach, Peter Greenaway, Brian De Palma, Gus Van Sant, and The Coen Brothers!! Oh and Renny Harlin too. Ha.

Anyway, my coverages will be mostly at Cinematical, although I'll do some horror reports for FEARnet too. And I'm not flying this year. Me and fellow critic James Berardinelli are going to share a car ride north. I bet we talk about movies...

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