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Monday, November 5, 2007

What's All This Then?

I still need to do a wrap-up of Fantastic Fest -- or you can go to and click on the Fantastic Fest tab. But I will do something soon.

But here's some news: I'm in London right now! Well, not London, actually. East Croydon it's called. It's a nice, normal, middle-class town just south of London. I'm staying with a wonderful pair of friends called Paul & Johanna, spending the week surrounded by new horror movies (Shrooms, Welcome to the Jungle, WAZ, Black Water, Diary of the Dead, Planet Terror, Inside, Frontiere(s), and a few others) and a metric tonne of lovable Brits.

They have tons of Ians in this country, and every one of 'em seems to be great. I'll be back in Philly on the 12th, although after watching last night's Eagles/Cowboys game (yes, I got a Philly game LIVE on British TV. Thank you, Channel Five!) I'm thinking that home must be a pretty cranky place right now.


Blake said...

See [REC] and be careful of all the beer roaming around there that are screaming out "take me take me!"

Jette said...

I am extremely envious: London AND good movies. You're so lucky.