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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Post Part 7: The Re-Arrivining

What's something called when you do it five or six times a year? Quintanually? Fine, that's what I'm doing: My sextannual blog entry in which I apologize (to an empty room) for not posting more frequently, as if I'm writing The Green Mile 2 and you all just can't wait for the next chapter.

Anyways, things at FEARnet are good but a little slow right now. (Not much in the horror department this season. Got a few interviews pending and a handful of reviews to get to. No, not Twilight. FEARnet is a horror site.) Cinematical is busy but always fun. Lord am I lucky to work with good people, and that's not an ass-kiss just in case one of 'em reads this. They're smart, reliable, helpful people who do good work. Makes my job 10 times easier.

I've started a new sub-heading there called The Scary Bits, so I can coo over gore within the confines of an otherwise "general" movie blog. Maybe one day they'll want me to do my Cinematikill spin-off.

Flick-wise, it's screener season (yay!), plus Netflix + Xbox = Awesome. I'm still sifting through a few titles from my Hammer Horror project (remember that?), and I'm soon to begin on a 10-film Blaxploitation course. Fun!

Elsewhere, I'm developing one of my screenplays with a producer friend of mine (yes, really!), so I may actually be a real-live screenwriter some day. Not tomorrow, but we'll see. No fresh news on the doco just yet, but I expect to hear something soon.
Lastly, I need to write about horror a little more in this blog, because I wanna join this club. (Or maybe my Scary Bits sub-blog would qualify...) So maybe expect me to post a big, fat catalog of ALL my horror reviews sometime soon. (Oooh, that'll be a fun project, actually.) But before I do that I'm working on a piece called Wow! Not on DVD, but Netflix Watch Instantly Has 'Em!!

Hey, some people cure disease; I write about movies nobody remembers. Works out great.

Oh and PS... Check this out!!

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