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Sunday, February 1, 2009

And NO, he's NOT named for Indiana Jones!

Yes, I have several friends. Human ones. But today isn't about them. Today is about a fuzzy grey creature who often sleeps on my bed.

Since he was adopted (from beneath a dumpster), I really have no idea how old Jones is. The vet told me his actual birth-day was somewhere near the end of January, and so I made 2/1 his official birthday.

I've had cats and dogs my whole life, but Jones is (far and away) the coolest pet I've ever known. He's smart and funny and knows how to SHUT UP when a movie is on. Jones is now one year old.

Happy Birthday, buddy! I'm off to get you some catnip, sir.

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Mark Rabinowitz said...

SO not a cat person, but this might be the coolest cat post I've ever seen and makes me kinda happy I'm starting to get shots for my cat allergy. Huzzah, Jones!