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Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Movie Blather

Hey all. I never was able to make it into NYC to catch a Heckler screening, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it. (Frankly I wasn't about to be the guy who drives down to NY, dropping large cash along the way, just to see some sour grapes flick in which I'm trashed without being given the opportunity to defend myself.) Plus I've had a whole bunch of work to get finished.

But remember a few weeks back when I felt really guilty about trashing The Hills Have Eyes 2 after I was invited to visit the set and all that jazz? And how I'd also been on the 28 Weeks Later set and I was desperately praying that I'd like that movie? Well, it comes out today and I'm very relieved to report that, yes, I definitely did enjoy the 28 Days Later sequel. (Full review linkage below.) By the way, if Waitress has opened in your city ... go see it. I'm not about to start gushing again, but let's just say that if this movie doesn't make my year-end Top 10 list, then we're in for one awesome year at the movies.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Below you'll find a bunch of stuff I've written recently. Hope some if it entertains you.

The Ex -- Depressing to see so many people spinning their wheels for so little payoff.
28 Weeks Later -- Dark, nasty fun.
Cutthroat Island -- Gee, I wonder why this is getting a double-dip this month...
Spider-Man 3 -- Big disappointment. Anyone who calls this "the best of the three" is on the crack.
Born to Fight -- Mega-crazy Thai action. Here's the 1986 version as well as the 2004.
Tsunami: The Aftermath -- Well-intentioned, well-shot, well-acted, and, well, boring.
Wilderness Survival for Girls -- Strange indie thriller.
Off the Black -- A quiet little indie I dug. Nolte rocks.
The Hitcher -- Yes, the remake. Ugh.
The Invisible -- Surprisingly watchable. (Get it?)
Kickin' It Old Skool -- More like Suckin' It Big Time.
The Thirst -- Goofy indie amalgam of Near Dark and Requiem for a Dream.
Zombies Gone Wild -- The worst thing I've seen in a year.
Black Christmas -- Yes, the remake. Ugh.
Next -- 3 out of 10 critics liked it. I'm one of 'em.
Fletch -- Classic comedy. Lame-ass "special edition" DVD.
Vacancy -- No-frills and slickly effective. Makes for a great double feature with Identity.
Spider-Man 2.1 -- A great movie made a little bit better.
Fracture -- Didn't expect to, but I dug it.
Seraphim Falls -- Guess I'm just a sucker for a Western filled with broad symbolism.
Gamebox 1.0 -- Weird.
Pathfinder -- Florid junkheap. And this from a guy who liked The 13th Warrior.
Spiral -- Solid indie drama-thriller that's not out yet.
Perfect Stranger -- Perfect crap.
Slow Burn -- Very slow.
Phantasm -- New Special Edition DVD!
Phantasm 3 -- New ... Special Edition DVD?

But yeah: Take your mom to see Waitress this weekend. Thank me later.


AzĂșcar said...

My mom left the country. OK if I take her when she gets back?

Laura Kyle ( said...

The better question is: what is Lindsay Lohan's obsession with vagina?

foster said...

Off Topic: Why didn't you like Rookie of the Year?! By far one of the best movies everrrr.