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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy Crap...'s been a while since my last update. OK, so here's what's new:

1. Oral surgery sucks. Especially "extensive oral surgery." Feeling better, but still kinda ouch. I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing about it by now. As am I.

2. Missed Toronto Film Festival for the first time in six years. Definitely didn't help my mood this week, but (and maybe this is just sour grapes) the TIFF line-up didn't look all that stellar this year. A few choice titles and some enticing Midnight offerings, yeah, but as a whole I wasn't dazzled.

3. Fantastic Fest coming up real soon! Preparations for THE FEUD are well underway!

4. Recently became the Managing Editor at Cinematical, which was both well-deserved and very flattering. (Yes, ego and humility at once. I'm awesome.)

5. Wanted to attend UK Frightfest, but was unable to for financial reasons. I'm saving pennies for next year.

6. Got my own IMDb page, which was pretty exciting and I don't mind saying it. The documentary I co-produced should be done early next year! (And get this: It's about horror films.)

7. Five months after seeing it, I still can't stress how awesome Let the Right One In is. Ditto [REC].

8. Got a new feline a few months back. Named him "Jonesy," of course. He's a bad-ass spaz of a cat.

9. Am absolutely going to finish script #1, mainly because I have a very cool idea for script #2. Honestly, it's a cool idea. (And get this: They're both horror scripts.)

10. Did I mention the oral surgery?

...I'll be back soon with, I dunno, linkage on new horror reviews probably. That's all I'm really good for these days.


jarod said...

Feel better, man. Canada isn't the same without you. See you back in Texas. - jarod

acte gratuit said...

Ego and humility at once. I'm all over that! (Except when I'm not.)

Anonymous said...

How early will the doc be ready? Like Feb 5th ready? ;>