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Monday, March 19, 2007

Writing from a coffee bar

So after eight straight days of seeing movies and writing about them, I've taken a few of my own (long-festering) movie ideas to a second level.

1. I'm presently collaborating with Severance screenwriter Jimmy Moran on an all-in-one-night inner-city mega-gritty horror flick. That screenplay is about 2/3rds finished. Working on in all this week.

2. I'm about to "exploit" all my contacts in the horror field to make a documentary. Might take a while, but I record my first (and second) interview in May.

3. A producer I know wants me to participate on a hush-hush project. Not sure how far this one will go, but I plan to attack it with both fists. And teeth.

4. Right now I'm about to go get another vanilla latte.

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