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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hot Fuzz and Cool Friends

"Why'd you move to Austin??" is a question I've fielded a bunch of times over the past 3.5 months, and tonight was a perfect example of why. The Alamo Drafthouse ran a "Fuzz-tival" that consisted of five cop-centric movies: Electra Glide in Blue, Police Story 2, Sudden Impact, Freebie and the Bean, and (of course) Hot Fuzz, which is the new comedy action horror mystery flick from the lunatics who delivered the sublime Shaun of the Dead.

I was only able to attend the last two screenings, but the evening was a whole lot of fun anyway. Freebie and the Bean is a fantastically entertaining and undeniably weird cop comedy from 1974 that stars James Caan and Alan Arkin. The flick's never been released on DVD, but I will definitely own a copy when it hits disc form. After F & B there was a short break, then a whole bunch of goofy old action movie trailers, and then Hot Fuzz (which I'd already seen but really wanted to enjoy with a rollicking crowd).

In attendance were director Edgar Wright and leading men Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Mr. Frost and I met while smoking a cig in front of the Drafthouse, and then I got to shoot the shit with Mr. Wright and Mr. Pegg as the night went on. Since they're British movie nerds, they were as gracious as they were cinematically geeky. Big thrill to meet the guys behind Spaced and Shaun, plus the Hot Fuzz screening was absolutely jazzed. To say the audience enjoyed the flick is kinda like saying I mildly enjoy watching horror movies with a bong in my hand.

Best of all was the "Alamo Gang," which milled around chatting long after the movie(s) ended. Tim & Karrie and Zack and Kier-La and Lars and Jarrette and Brian. Eric and Matt and Jarren and Anne and Marcus and Jette and ALL the other "regulars" who pop up whenever the Alamo does something cool -- which, needless to say, is often. It's just great to find a place where you feel like you fit in, especially if that place is jam-packed with great movies, fried food, and a crew like this. (snif) The Alamos are beginning to feel like my own personal Cheers -- and I guess I'm kinda like that loud obnoxious mailman everyone barely stomachs. From the owners and the managers to the kitchen staff and the waiters, these establishments are over-fuckin'-stuffed with awesome people. I'm now back in Philly for about a little while, and already I miss these folks.

<---- That's me, Tim "Alamo" League and Matt "SXSW" Dentler. Who ever said movie geeks were ugly?


Jette said...

Come back soon, Scott! I don't have anyone to split a basket of fries with at Alamo.

AzĂșcar said...

I had no clue about Hot Fuzz until I saw a trailer in front of 300. I can't wait--or at least I hope I don't have to wait. Those guys are brilliant.

Calvine said...

Well said.