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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Update!

As a service to the nine people who frequent this nerdblog, I figured it might be a good idea to do a weekly roundup of all my various reviews and articles from across the interweb. At the very least it may serve as proof that, yep, I do have a real job and I do keep very busy. And screw you for implying otherwise.

Recent reviews, theatrical division: 300 (Cinematical), The Abandoned (Cinematical), Blades of Glory (eFilmCritic), Dead Silence (Cinematical), Epic Movie (Cinematical), Ghost Rider (Cinematical), Grindhouse (FEARnet), Hannibal Rising (FEARnet), The Hills Have Eyes 2 (FEARnet), Meet the Robinsons (Cinematical), The Messengers (Cinematical), Norbit (eFilmCritic), Primeval (Cinematical), The Reaping (Cinematical), Reno 911!: Miami (Cinematical), Shooter (Cinematical), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (FEARnet), TMNT (Cinematical), Zodiac (FEARnet)

Recent reviews, DVD division: Beneath Still Waters (DVDTalk), Beerfest (DVD Clinic), Blood Trails (DVDTalk), Conversations with Other Women (DVD Clinic), Danika (DVDTalk), The Darkroom (DVDTalk), A Dead Calling (DVDTalk), Dead and Deader (DVDTalk), Death Row (DVDTalk), Decoys 2: The Second Seduction (DVDTalk), Dust Devil (DVDTalk), The Eden Formula (DVDTalk), Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (DVD Clinic), The Gathering (DVDTalk), The Hamiltons (Cinematical), The Hunt (DVDTalk), Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (DVDTalk), Living Death (DVDTalk), Man About Town (DVD Clinic), Night Skies (DVDTalk), Prey (DVDTalk), Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to Ashes (Cinematical), The Return (FEARnet), Saw 3 (FEARnet), A Scanner Darkly (DVD Clinic), The Silence of the Lambs (FEARnet), Spirit Trap (DVDTalk), Tideland (DVD Clinic), Wicked Little Things (Cinematical)

SXSW reviews: Borderland, The Devil Dared Me To, Diggers, Disturbia, Flakes, Grimm Love, The King of Kong, Knocked Up, The Lather Effect, Murder Party, Severance, Suffering Man's Charity, Them, and Trigger Man.

Sundance reviews: Adrift in Manhattan, Chapter 27, Delirious, Eagle vs. Shark, Finishing the Game, My Kid Could Paint That, Rocket Science, The Signal, Teeth, The Ten, Waitress, Weapons, Year of the Dog

Random stuff: Rotten Tomatoes Newsday, Fearfest Report (FEARnet), Rotten Tomatoes' Spring Movie Preview, My 7 Favorite Stephen King Flicks (Cinematical), Grindhouse Austin Premiere Report (Cinematical), My 7 Favorite Director Commentaries (Cinematical), Random Cinematical babblings


Peter said...

That's exhausting just to look at, Scott! But thanks - makes it a tiny bit easier to try & keep up with you.

Rae said...

9 people? Hey, I make 10!!!!