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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Random Dispatch from Austin

Hello, all. I'm leaving Austin tomorrow night and heading back to Philly, but I have a 4.7-minute window between watching, writing, and eating, so I thought I'd say hi.

Far as SXSW, I've got reviews, interviews and random et cetera on both Cinematical and FEARnet, which is awesome because I love my jobs. But the best thing about any festival that I attend in Austin is ... the Alamo Drafthouse. No, not really. It's actually the peoples. The local friends, of course, but also the festival regulars AND my long-standing posse of awesome film junkies like Childress, Snider, Goss, Whyte, Voynar, Kernion, Martin, Davis, new addition Addington, etc. etc..

As always, the films have been (mostly) top-notch, the food's great, the parties are fun, and on and on and on -- but if it weren't for all my friends, "professional" friends, and random colleagues, even the world's coolest film festival would feel a bit lonely. So thanks to all.

Plus Doomsday was fun.

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